With Jose all Fresno County will have a voice

Jose Ornelas was born in Jalisco, Mexico. In May 1990, at the age of thirteen, Jose along with his mother and sisters came to the United States to be with his father. Hermenejildo Ornelas work 30 years as a migrant in the San Joaquin Valley.

In 1995, Jose’s family settled in San Joaquin, California. In 1996, Jose graduated from Tranquility High School with a goal to attend college and earn a degree. Jose attended Fresno City College and Fresno State. In 2003, Jose decided to start a sucessful business as a real estate and life insurance agent.

In 2005, Jose opened a tax preparation business in Kerman, California. Three years later in 2008, he moved his business to his hometown of San Joaquin, California.

Jose knows very well the needs of the district, he has lived in Mendota, Tranquility, Kerman, West Side of Fresno and currently lives in San Joaquin.

In 2014, Jose decided to run for City Council in the city of San Joaquin. He saw the injustice in the local government system, the need for nurturing leaders and the need of a voice to make changes in the community. Jose has always been about equality, fairness, values, high expectations, and results. Being a leader in the community has giving Jose the privilege of impacting and changing many lives.

Jose is a member of “Well UN-tapped” an education program about the needs of having water quality in each city. Jose has been attending different leadership trainings throughout the state to learn the needs of each region.

As a business owner, Jose has experienced the injustice in small businesses and he will fight for every small business to be represented equally.

Jose is running for Fresno County Supervisor in 2018. He understands the responsibilities of this position and what it entails. He will fight to improve the quality of life for all residents of Fresno County and its surrounding communities.

On his free time, Jose enjoys spending time with his wife Nadia and his five children, Jose Jr., Gustavo, Angel, Oscar, and Shayla.

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