Ornelas for supervisor 

For over twenty-five years, I had the privilege of living in different communities within Fresno County. I had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, community leader, and service in public office in the current City of San Joaquin, Council Member for 4 years.

My record of establishing “People First Leadership” is unmatched. I hope to earn your vote for Supervisor so that I may continue my public service to all stakeholders, Fresno County agencies, and all communities. I will work with all residents of Fresno County, with loyalty, neutrality, transparency, and efficiency. I will advocate for a “Voice” for all and better representation for each resident of the County.

The time to act is now. It cannot be business as usual if we want results. It is time to raise our voice and demand our right to be heard. In the economic sphere, the status quo favors the rich at the expense of the poor. It is time to change and demand equality; and the “Who cares about us" mentality.  As your supervisor, I will have a voice to represent and advocate for all residents in Fresno County.

I will be the voice of advocacy of small and big businesses. I will advocate for a better economy and equality in Fresno County.

My experience with real world small and big business, practical local government knowledge, and self determination will help me serve families better. I will work in conjunction with all stakeholders and all representative groups of our communities.

Your worries are my concern too. I will advocate for equal access to services, representation, and collaborate with you regarding the problems and concerns that your community encounters. I will work with efficiency, professionalism, and discipline.

Your community needs to be represented in the same way that other successful communities are represented; with transparency, communication, and responsibility.

I will advocate for important issues such as Water, Safety, Education, Health, and Injustices. We need to advocate for additional funds to have the same resources throughout Fresno County. Together we can make a change, resolve, and improve all communities.

I believe in the American dream; but better yet, "Let’s All Live the Dream Together improving All Communities".

Let's work together to make a difference for our community.


Jose Ornelas

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